Tasty Latte!

Tasty Latte!


Cappucino versus Latte – What’s the Difference?

So, you love you cappuccinos and the lattes down the street at the local
java shop, but you cannot for the life of yourself figure out how to
make them. You have tried brewing different grinds in your coffeemaker,
practiced using an assortment of coffee grinders, and mixed the liquids
together, plus frothed up creamers and whipped up milk.

You ran out and bought an espresso machine in hopes to figure out the trick. All of this, to no avail. What is the difference between cappuccino and latte and how in the world can you replicated those delicious flavors in your own home?

There are so many choices of coffee blends, including espresso, mocha,
macchiato, as well. The equipment selections for the different grinds
are also expansive. There are the low-priced coffeemakers and some home espresso machines that could keep you happy, but until you figure out how to make the entire menu down the street at the local coffee shop, frustration is going to envelop you. There are recipes that you want to learn and techniques that evade you when it comes to these strongly aromatic and mouth-watering beverages.

Here are the secrets that you want to know:

Cappuccino – The secret to cappuccino is definitely the espresso
machine. You are going to want to make 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk
and the other 1/3 is foamed or frothed milk, all of which can be made
with the right espresso machine. Cappuccino is known by that tell-tale
foamy milk layer on top. As you know, despite the fact that cappuccino
is made of 2/3 milk, the coffee itself that is in it is brewed extremely
strong, thus making it stronger than the latte that you love.

Latte – To make a latte for yourself at home, you will need to mix up a
blend of two double shots of espresso which are garnished with milk that
is steamed, rather than frothed or foamed. So, once again the espresso
machine is the key to this hot drink. This beverage is quite filling in
the morning if you normally replace your breakfast with coffee and never
seem to get filled up, the latte will do the job. This is because there
is so much milk in the one small serving. In cute little cafes around
the world, a heart or leaf shape will be drawn on top of the latte in
frothy milk, but that is not to add frothy milk to the latte, as it is
more to adorn it for the customer.

The coffee beans also demonstrate a difference for these two caffeinated beverages, and this is probably one of the biggest factors that you will need to remember when making your own at home. Therefore, you will probably also want to invest in a burr coffee grinder to ensure that you get the precise grind for the latte and the cappuccino. Now, you can go impress your friends with your espresso machine by taking their orders and showing them the true barista that you are.